Harley G

Lolly Lovewell

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Trouble printing a photo

Decided it was time to finally start work on adding print functionality to the photo booth. Now the massive roadblock that I have to overcome, is that most modern day printers are designed to work with Windows and Mac OSX. Herein lies my problem – my photobooth does not run on either of those. So lets have a quick look through the possible solutions to this massive oversight

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Jodie Ellen

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2016 Supermoon

Well today was meant to have been the biggest supermoon in about 70 years.

The so called ‘Supermoon’ is where the moon comes to its closest point to the Earth, giving it the illusion of looking a lot bigger and brighter than ever before.

I have been waiting for this event for some time now, and due to the absolutely unpredictable, yet completely predictable British weather, I am unable to see a thing. Nothing. Nada.

Got to say I am somewhat disappointed, but hey, I can always try again November 2034……